Mary Soames, Winston Churchill’s youngest child.

I would quite often play in the No. 10 garden, and sometimes came across Mr Baldwin, who was very benevolent. I would scramble up on to his knee while he was sitting reading the newspapers, and converse with him, until the poor man was liberated by Nana or the nurserymaid, Gladys, arriving on the scene.

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Stanley Baldwin, 1927.

Those who love learning in any form and who look on learning as the gateway to the freedom of one’s own mind - which is one of the most important things in life - unless they are selfish brutes, want to share it with other people.

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Stanley Baldwin outside the House of Commons in 1909, a year after he became MP for Bewdley.

Stanley & Lucy Baldwin at Queen’s Hall, London, November 1923.

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Wedding group with Stanley and Lucy Baldwin at Rottingdean, 12 September 1892. Lilly Ridsdale is on the bride’s left. The back row includes (left to right) Julian Ridsdale, Ambrose Poynter, Askew Ridsdale, Aurelian Ridsdale, and Philip Burne-Jones.

Winston Churchill, 1948.

Our differences at times were serious, but all these years and later I never had an unpleasant interview or contact with him (Stanley Baldwin), and at no time did I feel we could not talk together in good faith and understanding as man to man.

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Stanley Baldwin receiving the freedom of Worcester, 1923.

I suppose there have been many ceremonies at which I have been present which were more magnificent than this, and made much more noise in the world, but I have never been to one that has touched me more, or one in which all the elements can grip the heart of man have been more present.

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Stanley Baldwin on the cover of TIME magazine, June 17th 1935.

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Stanley Baldwin in a letter to his youngest son.

I have no keener regret in this dreadful political life of mine than that we are so separated - not so much I hope in spirit as by distance.